Sunday 19th September 2021 | 12pm - 10pm | Sandbanks Beach

Please plan you Journey well in advance.

Please be aware that Sandbanks can be very crowded with FULL car parks during the summer season. Driving to the peninsula can be slow especially due to the chain ferry. The weather is looking lovely and we envisage there will be minimal to none parking spaces in the area. One option is to make use of the parking spaces in and around Poole bus station. From there, on the hour, the Number 52 or 60 bus takes you straight to Sandbanks in about 30 mins!

We advise booking taxi’s to and from the event today from local firms. We also advise booking after the event.
We will have a taxi service in place in the car park but it may not be enough for all our guests come closing time.


The best stations to come to are:
-Branksome (Closest)
-Parkstone (Closest)
These sations are still some distance from the event so taxi’s are advised.


Any local firms from Poole or Bournemouth area such as United Taxies, Streamline, Dial-A-cab.
We would advise drop off at the Sandbanks Hotel and walking the rest of the route (Approx 10 minutes) as probable high traffic volumes with holiday makers & queue for the chain ferry.


Best walking access to the event is along Banks Road or by the beach from Bournemouth Pier onwards.
-From Bournemouth Pier (1 hour)
-From Branksome Beach (25 Mins)
-From Sandbanks Hotel (10 Mins)
-From The chain ferry (15 Mins)


-From Bournemouth Station: 50 (45 Mins)
-From Poole Station: 60 (24 Mins)